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Leisure Property & Yachts

What is Co-ownership?

Co-ownership, or fractional ownership as it is sometimes called revolves around the concept of sharing the acquisition and running costs associated with a property amongst several individuals.



Our flagship investment is the  San Lameer Golf Estate in Kwa-Zulu Natal, in our opinion, the best, most secure and very private final destination family holiday resort in South Africa. Working with
our investment partners we have acquired and syndicated 82 San Lameer properties valued at more than a quarter of a billion rand.




This in-Group service has been operational since the early 2000s at San Lameer - arguably the best final destination family holiday resort in the land. It has been effected and is being applied to enable Group subscribers to rent out high season surplus holiday slots in co-ownership leisure property as per diverse schedules applicable in the Group – thus adding value and flexibility by further exchanging surplus holiday times where possible. This service encompasses only Group properties and is not linked to the estate’s own rental services.

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